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Agile Story/Task/Project Control Board Products

Here is a list of task management tools for the agile project manager.

Silver Catalyst Silver Catalyst is an agile project management tool that helps lean, nimble teams plan and execute agile projects. Per Project Pricing and you can limit user WIP across projects. And limit WIP per process state as well.

Pivotal Tracker Tracker is a free, award winning, agile project management tool that enables real time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog. Velocity tracking and emergent iterations - Make planning decisions using accurate projections based on past performance. Story-based iterative planning - Base your software project management on proven agile methods. Real-time collaboration -See what your team is doing and react to change instantly.

Fire Scrum Firescrum is an open source tool developed to support agile project management under the SCRUM methodology. Firescrum is being released under the GPL license and has a number of RIA (rich internet application) features. The FireScrum is an intuitive and easy-to-use SCRUM projects management environment focused on Rich Internet Application(RIA) technology, aims to support the project management in software companies, mainly the ones that uses agile project management principles, specifically talking about Scrum. The FireScrum is a product that was born from the activities developed during the Software Engineering Master Program of the CESAR.EDU, the education part of the C.E.S.A.R, a world-class private institution that creates products, processes, services and innovative companies using Information and Communication Technologies.

Reading List

Here is a partial list of reading resources for the interm project manager. Over time I will enhance this list.

  • Agile Estimating and Planning
  • Agile Management for Software Engineering: Applying the Theory of Constraints for Business Results by David J. Anderson
  • Agile Project Management with SCRUM
  • Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (Agile Software Development Series) by Jim Highsmith
  • Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great
  • Developing Products in Half the Time: New Rules, New Tools
  • Expert Python Programming Book
  • Foundations of Agile Python Development
  • Leading Self-Directed Work Teams: A Guide to Developing New Team Leadership Skills
  • Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck
  • Managing the Design Factory: A Product Developers Toolkit
  • Pair Programming Illuminated
  • Practical Development Environments
  • Practices of an Agile Developer: Working in the Real World
  • Project Retrospectives: A Handbook for Team Reviews
  • Punished by Rewards: The Trouble with Gold Stars, Incentive Plans, A's, Praise and Other Bribes
  • Software By Numbers: Low-Risk High-Return Development
  • Test Driven Development
  • The Art of Agile Development by James Shore and Shane Warden
  • The Object Primer: Agile Model-driven Development with UML 2.0
  • The Pragmatic Programmer
  • Understanding Variation: The Key to Managing Chaos by Wheeler
  • User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development
  • Waltzing With Bears: Managing Risk on Software Projects
  • Writing Effective Use Cases (Agile Software Development Series) by Alistair Cockburn

Recent Reading Highlights

I read to much... Here are a couple of recent highlights. Over time these are removed and added to a custom google search. Very comprehensive product owner guide for SCRUM environments. This is for a business type product owner rather than a technical product owner. One of the least discussed and most challenging roles in the Scrum Agile Methodology is that of Product Owner. Quite often Product Owners are selected from the ranks of Product Managers or Business Analysts and simply "thrown" into the role. While these backgrounds can lead to successful product ownership, often there are fundamental understanding and large skills gaps that need to be crossed in order to be truly successful. This book takes a unique look at the role of Scrum Product Owner with a focus on how the role needs to interact with their Scrum team first--thus the "inside out". We review all of the nuance and requisite habits that allow the Scrum Product Owner to drive their teams towards creating high quality products that provide great customer value.

Version Control

Good version control and configuration management is fundamental to working with technical products. Every developer and technical author would do well to master a Distributed Version Control Products such as GIT. is the website for the Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and published by Apress. Here you can find the full content of the book, a blog with tips and updates about Git and the book and open source projects related to Git or referenced in the book. Read the book now! Git is a simple, but extremely powerful system. Most people try to teach Git by demonstrating a few dozen commands and then yelling “tadaaaaa.” Such an approach may leave you with the ability to use Git to perform simple tasks, but the Git commands will still feel like magical incantations. Doing anything out of the ordinary will be terrifying. Until you understand the concepts upon which Git is built, you’ll feel like a stranger in a foreign land. Linus Torvalds visits Google to share his thoughts on git, the source control management system he created a few years ago. Revision your /etc and home directory with git using gibak.

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