Throughput Focus

Interim Project Management Expert

What can I do for you?

Provide Professional project management services.

Work with your team to get you the benefits you want!

All professional services are customised to meet your needs, based on a terms of reference which is agreed as part of the contract with you.

Typically I work on several projects with one major client at a time.


These are the sorts of services I provide:

Project Recovery

Your project has "some issues" and needs help to get back on track. I will come in for a short period of time to work with your team to identify where there is scope for improvement and then help to get the project back on track.

Project Start-up/ KICK-OFF

If you have a new project but need some help getting it started off the ground. I can support your team with the creation of a business case, plans and team set-up.

Project Management

Full project support from start-up to completion, on a part or full-time basis, your project will be managed professionally and successfully.

The approach used will be tailored to the needs of the project and your organisation.


I facilitate project retrospectives. A retrospective is a meeting where a team looks back on a past period of work so that they can learn from their experience and apply this learning to future projects.