Throughput Focus

Interim Project Management Expert

Why use a Interim Project Manager?


Consultants tend to advise and recommend. Interim Project Managers will advise, recommend and implement. They take ownership of the project to ensure delivery and then move on to the next assignment.

Interim Projects managers are an option for any organisation that is undertaking any major project without sufficient internal resources to effectively manage the project.

You could hire more permanent staff but how soon will you be able to get the right person? What is the cost of delaying the project while going through the recruitment process?

You could reassign existing staff but what do you do about their current responsibilities and do they have the experience to get the job done in the best possible way? This is not the sort of work they do in the ordinary course of their work.

By being highly qualified for the position a Interim Project Manager is best placed to have the skills and necessary experience to lead the project team to success and deliver the benefits. Consultants are also in a position to say and do the right things that permanent staff maybe reluctant to due to organisational politics. As projects have a clear end point there is no-one to make redundant or re-deploy at the end of the project.


The key advantages and benefits of using Interim Project Managers include:


You are only committed to using the Interim Project Manager for an agreed-upon period. It is also possible to get your project manager resource turned on or off very quickly.

Strategic Contribution

An Interim Project Manager can contribute competence and experience acquired from similar situations elsewhere. Interim Project Managers can perform a decision-maker’s role, as opposed to a management consultant, who has an advisor’s role. A sensibly over-qualified professional manager in your ranks produces benefits over and above doing his normal job. Such benefits include mentoring staff and developing successful relationships.

Outcomes focused orientation

A Project Manager operates within the bounderies of clear project goals and is unencumbered by concerns for personal career advancement. They are thus not emotionally nor politically involved and can focus on delivering the best outcomes.


Interim Managers soon become trusted members of the home management team. Because of their independence, work colleagues soon realise that they offer impartial and professional advice.

Cost Efficiency

Getting the projects started sooner means that the benefits can be delivered to the bottom line sooner. The cost of using an Interim Project Manager will correspond to a comparable permanent leader when salary, bonus, vacation pay, pension, insurance, perquisites and recruitment are accounted for.